Residential Roofing

Siding for houses is the outer covering or cladding meant to shed water and protect from the effects of weather. On a house that uses siding, it may act as a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the structure and directly impact its property value.

Siding for houses may be formed of horizontal boards or vertical boards, wood shingles, or sheet materials. In all cases, the purpose is to avoid wind and rain infiltration through the joints, which is a major challenge. This is met by overlapping, by covering or sealing the joint, or by creating an interlocking joint such as a tongue-and-groove or rabbet. Since building materials expand and contract with changing temperature and humidity, it is not practical to make rigid joints between the siding elements.

AAA Lifetime Exterior & Remodeling offers four distinct types of siding for houses, each material offering unique advantages for the comfort and protection of your home.


GAF Residential Roofing

GAF residential roofing products come in a wide range of colors and style choices. We offer the widest array of colors to suit any trim, stucco or siding color. Manufactured with self-sealing adhesive strips and a wide nailing zone, larger than competitors for ease of installation so your roofing job is complete in no time.

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Certainteed Residential Roofing

AAA Lifetime Exterior offers have been rated #1 in shingle quality by home builders and the winner of the Builder’s Choice award. Beautiful, stylish, and exceptionally durable, the Designer Lifetime shingles will make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

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