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Fiber Cement vs Wood Siding: the Benefits and Drawbacks


When you are ready to replace your house exterior siding, there are two preferred options you'll find are wood as well as fiber cement siding. Wood siding has been one of the only choices for property owners for centuries. Now fiber cement siding is a newer choice for its quality construction. Find out about the benefits and drawbacks of both products. With all the information, you will be able to make an informed decision concerning the best type of exterior siding for your home.

Wood Siding Fundamentals

Wood is a traditional exterior house siding option that is available in numerous forms. You will find shingles to clapboard, as well as crafted wood products. Property owners can pick from numerous kinds of|sorts of wood, including pine, spruce, cypress, as well as cedar exterior siding. Despite the fact that wood is the oldest choice of siding, it doesn't suggest that it looks out-of-date. Thanks to the many styles of wood siding, property owners can use exterior wood siding to produce both contemporary and traditional styles. Because wood has been such a popular material, a lot of contemporary house siding products attempt to replicate it.

Wood Siding Benefits and Drawbacks

Wood exterior siding includes many advantages.

Toughness: wood exterior siding can survive for years with appropriate care.

Customization: with wood exterior siding, it can become several forms and shapes. Given that it's such a flexible product, it's very easy to tailor it to your dimension and style requirement using conventional tools.

Wood exterior siding also has a couple of downsides.

Maintenance: you can't allow wood exterior siding age on its own, or you could encounter problems as well as wear and tear. Rather, it calls for continuous maintenance, consisting of routine paint or preservative treatments.

Expense: some exterior wood siding is cost-effective, however, quality can be very pricey. In fact, wood exterior siding can cost even more to install than other products.

Fiber Cement Siding Fundamentals

Fiber cement siding is created from a mix of substances like sand, clay, cement as well as wood fiber. Even though the name might make it appear commercial, fiber cement siding can take on a variety of textures including wood. This makes it a strong option for either old historic houses to brand-new construction.

Fiber Cement Benefits and Drawbacks

Fiber cement siding provides a number of advantages.

Toughness: fiber cement siding stands up well over time and also withstands fire, making it a much more durable exterior siding product that is on the market today. Because it is made of waste wood fibers, it's requires less mainintenance and is among the most environmentally-friendly exterior siding choices.

Customization: this siding material can effortlessly be molded into a range of shapes, including timeless wood exterior siding designs.

Maintenance: fiber cement siding is resistant against fungus, bugs, as well as UV ray damage. Simply clean regularly with an electrical power washer. When you're ready for a new look, fiber cement siding is very easy paint.

Fiber cement siding, like wood, has some drawbacks.

Installation: setting up fiber cement exterior siding is an extremely skilled process. Therefore, you can not accomplish it day-to-day tools. You would need to purchase specialized tools or work with an expert installer.

Expense: the initial expense of fiber cement siding makes it among the more expensive exterior siding products in the marketplace. Over time, the reduced maintenance costs will likely offset the cost.

Changing your house exterior siding provides the possibility of giving your home an wonderful makeover. However, selecting the appropriate exterior siding product can be difficult. While deciding whether wood or cement fiber siding is best for your home, you should consider your budget, your home's style, your need for a lasting solution, and future maintenance.

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